Michael Dixon

Mr. Dixon has over 16 years of experience working in an executive role for venture-backed companies. Mr. Dixon is a Venture Partner with Sanderling Ventures and the President and CEO of Therillia, a Montreal based operating company with the goal of cost-effectively developing novel drug candidates from preclinical to clinical proof of concept.

Peter McWilliams

Dr. McWilliams is the Chairman and Acting CEO of Liphorus Pharmaceuticals. He is a Managing Director with Sanderling Ventures and has more than twenty years of experience in biomedical research and management. He works actively with Sanderling portfolio companies in the role of Chairman, Director, CEO and member of the management team.

Laurence Rulleau

Dr. Laurence Terrisse Rulleau, Ph.D. is a Principal with CTI Life Sciences, a Montreal-based venture capital fund making investments in pre-clinical and clinical development stage in Canada and in the U.S. Prior to CTI, she served as a life sciences analyst covering the Canadian life sciences sector for more than 10 years.